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What Does a Hearing Test Involve?

When you arrive for your consultation and hearing exam, you will be greeted by our friendly front office staff. There are several forms you will need to fill out including those that record your personal information, medical history and insurance verification.

During your hearing exam, we talk about the situations or environments that are most problematic for your hearing. We’ll also review important personal information.

Using an otoscope, we look into your ears to get a visual sense of the condition of your ear canal and eardrum. In addition, we may perform one of the tests below.

  • 1. What type (and severity) of hearing loss you are experiencing, and if it affects one or both ears
  • 2. Whether a hearing aid is an appropriate solution for your particular hearing loss
  • 3. The best treatment options

Understanding Your Hearing Test Results

After your hearing tests are complete, we will review the results with you. Results are recorded on a form called an audiogram, and the audiogram paints a full picture of your current hearing and hearing loss. We will explain to you the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and why it might have happened (although sometimes we will never know). Then we will share with you the specifics of your test. You will find out the specific patterns and degrees of hearing loss you are experiencing in terms of frequencies and decibels (dB). We will also talk about what percentage of conversation you are still able to hear. But rather than just ramble off a bunch of numbers, we talk to you about what that means in everyday situations. We relate these results to your lifestyle and the areas you struggle with.

We want you to experience better hearing regardless of what your test results say, and we want you to make a comfortable, well-informed decision regarding treatment. We will answer all of your questions, make suggestions when asked, and will take our time; you will not be rushed.

Schedule a hearing test with us today; let us show you how much better your hearing could be. It all starts with you!