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New Wave Hearing Aid - Fitting and Repair

What To Expect At A Hearing Aid Fitting

Like many things in life, the right fit makes all the difference. A proper hearing aid fitting will ensure a successful transition to wearing new hearing aids. When custom-fitted to your ear and preferences, hearing aids are extremely successful and work extremely well. Having a professional fitting is of utmost importance.

The first step is making sure your hearing aids feel comfortable after being placed. After programming them, we will check your hearing while wearing the hearing aids. Afterward, we’ll demonstrate how to care for your hearing aids as well as how to use any advanced features.

The Best Hearing Comes From Proper Fitting

Based on your lifestyle, preferences, and hearing test results, we will program your new hearing aids. We can fine-tune your hearing aids to assist with hearing in a variety of locations like shopping centers, restaurants, loud homes, or other difficult situations. Remember that everybody needs personalized hearing aid settings; what works for your spouse or best friend will not necessarily work for you.


We also use Live Speech Mapping, a hearing aid fitting process that uses probe microphones and live real-time speech. It allows you and your family members to immediately see and understand the benefits of hearing aids and fitting adjustments.

How to Get Used to Your Hearing Aids

Some clients adjust to their new hearing aids in just a few days, but it’s more likely to take somewhere between a few weeks and a few months. Generally speaking, the amount of time it takes to adjust to your hearing aids is proportional to how long and severe the hearing loss was (this is why it’s important to come in sooner rather than later!). Fortunately, our staff is expertly trained to help you with acclimating and adjusting to your new hearing aids and helping you with any rehabilitation needed.

The sooner you notice hearing loss and seek treatment, the easier your adjustment to hearing aids will be. We want the process to be smooth and easy for you. We’re here to help you through this process!

The Importance of Follow-Up Appointments

Hearing aids work incredibly well once placed and fitted by our professional staff, but they will need to be adjusted over the first few months. We want you to keep track of situations where your hearing is much improved and situations where you are still struggling. We’ll adjust your hearing aids based on your personal experiences to give you increased performance.

Modern hearing aids are easily programmable, and even the smallest adjustment will have a large effect on your ability to hear. If they are too quiet, too loud, or uncomfortable, they need to be adjusted.

If for any reason you have questions regarding fit or programming, come see us immediately.