New Wave Hearing Aid - Brands

What are the Best Brands of Hearing Aids?

Choosing hearing aids is like picking out any other type of personalized item, it greatly depends on what works best for you. The couch you love might be too firm for your guests. You might love your small car but it won’t work for the mom who has four children. Hearing loss varies greatly and hearing aid solutions vary depending on many factors. It is unlikely that the hearing aid your best friend recommends will be just as perfect for you.

Luckily, we offer the finest hearing aids based on years of selective choosing. And a good fitting could mean all the difference between okay hearing and greatly improved hearing.

Call us today to make an appointment. Our hearing experts will conduct a hearing test to find out what type of hearing loss you are experiencing. We can help you narrow down your hearing aid choices so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. We will help you find the best brand based on your lifestyle needs, specific hearing loss, and budget.

Optional Features and Accessories

Many hearing aids we offer come with optional features like directional microphones, listening programs and Bluetooth® compatibility as well as accessories to help with TV watching and hands-free cell phone connection. Assistive listening devices are available when hearing aids are not enough or not an option.

Is it Hard to Get New Batteries or Add Accessories?

There is some routine maintenance involved with owning hearing aids; but don’t worry, it’s not difficult, complicated or expensive to do so.

Our hearing aid specialists will help point you in the right direction and will let you know what upkeep is necessary for your new hearing aids. And if you decide you want to add a hearing aid accessory, we can help. We want you to achieve the best hearing benefits from your new device and will be there every step of the way.

Other Options

Caption Call

Patients with hearing loss may be eligible for a free amplified, captioned telephone to help you communicate with others easily and effortlessly. The CaptionCall phone features a transcript of each conversation and an amplified handset that provides loud, clear sound. To qualify for a phone, call us and schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation and we will verify your hearing loss. During your hearing consultation, we will be happy to discuss additional options for improving your communication abilities and reconnecting with friends and loved ones.


Patients who find it difficult to communicate with others over the phone may be eligible for a free CapTel phone. This is a specialty phone that amplifies and reduces noise on calls while providing captions and a call transcript of every discussion. There are no monthly service fees and no hidden charges. To see if you qualify for a free phone, schedule an appointment with our office so that we can provide you with a hearing evaluation and confirm your hearing loss. During the consultation we’d be happy to assist you with any other hearing problems discuss solutions to help you stay connected to colleagues, friends and family.