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New Wave Hearing Aid - Testimonials

Hear From Our Clients

New Wave has the opportunity and technology of a large city with the friendliness and caring of a small town. Everyone that works there has an incredible attitude and goes above and beyond. I have recommended them to everyone I know that needs help with their hearing loss. This is a location where you don't have to hope you get one person over another to help you, everyone is amazing! - Adrienne Smith

I told my doctor I was having difficulty hearing, especially in large crowds. She referred me to New Wave. We made the appointment, I had a hearing test, was fitted with temporary Oticon hearing aids, and walked out the door an hour later. When we got home I heard myself walk down a hallway. Only then did I get it: my hearing had been really bad, and the hearing aids were working their magic! If you have any doubts about your hearing, call New Wave today, now! - Bob Bush

Although I was happy with the hearing aids that I had, I was interested in the improved technology of the new Oticion OPN1. I expected an improvement but I did not imagine it was going to be so superior to what I had. Not only do I hear better, but the difference in the quality of what I hear is amazing. They filter out a lot of the background peripheral noise that interfered in so many situations. Thank you New Wave for letting me test this new technology before I decided to purchase them. I couldn't be happier. - Char Gilb

I thought about going to a big box store for my hearing aids and test. I tried to make an appointment and could not get anyone to answer the phone, which told me the service was not going to be good. I decided to try New Wave Hearing because it’s local and I know several people who have been very happy with the service. I was not disappointed. The service was great and I got in right away. They worked with my insurance and Ken was really patient, explained my loss to me and what aids he thought would be best for my hearing loss. I am hearing much better and I highly recommend New Wave Hearing. - Christine Barber

Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember? As the years slipped by, I found this Bible verse taking on a personal application. At the age of 50 I recognized that I couldn’t read with ease. Thus, I visited the optometrist and bought glasses. Admittedly, I sometimes have to answer the third question with “no, I don’t remember.” However, I struggled with acknowledging that I was not hearing well. As a teacher and in everyday communication, I strained to hear the conversations and responses. This significantly hindered effective classroom communication. With my husband’s encouragement, I finally accepted that the high cost of hearing aids was a necessary investment. Thus, we made the investment in 2007. Unfortunately, the aids we purchased did not prove effective, and I returned them for a refund. Due to my husband’s sickness and death I did not pursue purchasing other hearing aids. Though retired, I volunteered to return to an overseas missions teaching assignment in 2011. My return to the classroom convinced me that I must not delay my search for effective hearing aids. On my return to the USA in July 2011, I visited New Wave Hearing and purchased hearing aids through Kenneth Wood. Now I can respond with, “I have ears, and I do hear!” Thanks, Mr. Wood, for your kind and reputable service. - Darlene Royer

I have had my hearing aids for almost five years now and I wish I had gotten them sooner. My sons got tired of me saying “huh?” all the time. Now I can hear them and my grandkids when they are visiting from out of state. What a blessing it is to be able to hear them again. Hearing Aids have changed my life, I am more outgoing and doing things that I use to do before my hearing loss. I love New Wave; they treat me great and they always take the extra step to make me feel important. I will keep returning as a loyal customer. - Debbie Schweitz

I have had a very good experience at New Wave Hearing. My hearing has improved in many situations, and I highly recommend Ken Wood and New Wave Hearing to anyone with a hearing problem. - Gary Miller

“I’ve been wearing hearing aids for the past forty-five years and I have found that the Oticon hearing device is superior to any other that I have tried. In addition to offering a quality product, New Wave’s personnel program the aids according to each person’s needs. Ken Wood, the owner of New Wave, makes certain that each client is 100% satisfied. I would not hesitate to recommend New Wave to anyone with impaired hearing. - Jack Bequette

I had considered hearing aids since the year 2000. However, I put off purchasing because I wanted to make sure I had the best technology. I finally did decide and am very happy with the results. My hearing aids are comfortable and efficient. They have improved my communication and consequently my relationships at home, work and everywhere else. - John Guth

My family and friends have commented on how much better I can hear and I had a great experience at New Wave Hearing Aids! - Joyce Bradley

My whole life has improved! I am hearing things now that I haven’t heard in years. It’s a miracle. The service and the staff at New Wave Hearing are awesome - Karen Call

I have really been enjoying the hearing aids from New Wave Hearing. They are so comfortable that I sometimes forget I am even wearing them. I didn’t realize how much I was missing; I can hear the wall clock ticking! Friends have even noticed the difference. - Kay Snyder

What is stealing your joy? For me, I inherited my hearing loss from my mother. I knew my hearing was failing, but what I didn’t know was just how bad it was. I finally made the decision to take better care of myself, so I could take better care of others. I had many friends that have been to New Wave and all had great things to say about them. I made an appointment. That was the first step. After having my hearing tested, I learned just how much of life I was missing. I was fitted with hearing aids, which I affectionately call “my ears”. This was the best present I have given my family, friends and myself. After years of not knowing why I wasn’t as happy as I should be, I now know. I was missing out on the sounds of the world. Birds singing, wind in the trees and the best part being able to hear my music. For weeks since this has happened, I have been ecstatic with pure joy; having my hearing tested and doing something about it has been life changing. The great people at New Wave made it easy. They were caring and supportive of me. They shared my tears of joy and were truly excited for me. Thank you to all that work at New Wave and to Ken for being a blessing to me and to everyone that comes into his office. - Pam Allison

New Wave has renewed my life. My family and friends were telling me to get new hearing aids. I then realized I hadn’t been asking anyone questions because I knew I wouldn’t be able hear the answer. I made an appointment at New Wave. Now I can ask questions and hear the answers. I can hear water running, the television and table conversations. One friend made the comment that “it is great having Shirley hear again.” Thank you New Wave Hearing. - Shirley Hobde

WOW! THIS HEARING AID IS GREAT! I just didn't know how much hearing I had lost. I thought I could hear pretty well, but I was wrong. The hearing aids look great and no one has noticed that I have assisted hearing. Recently I received Oticon hearing aids from Ken Wood. The experience was professional, very friendly and comfortable. He was very concerned about my hearing loss. He listened to me and asked pertinent questions. Ken was concerned about making me feel good about the process. He and his staff made sure the device was operating perfectly and that I was satisfied. I came back with a question a month later and it was immediately addressed. I do not hesitate to refer any one to your office for treatment. I continually praise your services - Victor J. Savage D.D.S.

I would highly recommend Kenneth Wood and his staff to anyone who is concerned with their hearing. I was evaluated and fitted with hearing aids about nine months ago and have been amazed at the increase in the quality of my life. I was functioning before, but never realized what I was missing until I walked out of New Wave with hearing aids. Kenneth and the staff made my transition back into the hearing world totally stress free. I left New Wave with my new hearing aids, knowing how to clean them, how to replace the batteries and the other things I needed to do to keep them in good, working condition. Please consider giving yourself the same wonderful experience that I have had here at New Wave and open up your world to all the things you might have been missing. - Ann Law