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About Us

It's easy to achieve better hearing when you have the right hearing specialists to help you through. Meet the folks who will become your hearing specialists and the people who will help you recover from hearing loss. Consider us your collaborators in hearing!

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Hearing Loss

Hearing isn’t just about participating in conversation; good hearing plays a role in information processing, brain function, and self-confidence. The sooner you assess your hearing loss and work on a solution, the sooner you can get back to normal.

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Hearing Aids

We know you are unique which is why there are many types of hearing aids and different brands to choose from. Our ultimate goal is to help you feel comfortable; we'll help you find the right hearing aid style and brand to match your lifestyle.

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How Treatment for Hearing Loss Can Help Reduce Risk of Dementia

Getting treatment for hearing loss, such as hearing aids, could help protect your brain against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, according to a new study. Maria Shriver reports for TODAY.

Our Services

We help people with hearing loss find solutions. Our hearing specialists will test your hearing, present you with options, make sure your hearing aids are fitted properly, and stay in contact with you for further treatment plans.

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Want to learn about restoring your hearing? We treat each patient individually to find the best solution for you. Call us today, stop by, or fill out the message form.


Contact Us

If you have a hard time hearing, contact us. We understand you have a lot of questions about hearing loss and hearing aids; we’ll do our best to answer them immediately.

Schedule an Appointment

After our phone conversation, we’ll need to schedule an appointment for hearing tests; we need to see what type of hearing loss you are experiencing and see if hearing aids would be beneficial.


Discuss Your Options

If our specialists conclude hearing aids would be beneficial, we will show you the devices that would be most beneficial for you based on your hearing test results as well as personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Choose Your Hearing Aids

After we review your hearing aid choices, we want you to select the one you feel most comfortable with. We will program the hearing aids to create a custom-fit so they are comfortable and functional. Now you can get back to the people and activities you have been missing!


9 Hearing Loss Misconceptions

There have been huge advances in medicine and technology that have helped our understanding of hearing loss. Despite these advancements, there is an incredible amount of incorrect information floating around out there.

Here are nine misconceptions, things we often hear. Don’t let them prevent you from getting help for your hearing loss.