“I have really been enjoying the hearing aids from New Wave Hearing.”

“They are so comfortable that I sometimes forget I am even wearing them. I didn’t realize how much I was missing; I can hear the wall clock ticking! Friends have even noticed the difference.”

Kay Snyder

“I am a very satisfied customer.”

“For years I had noticed a hearing loss. After many complaints from friends and family, I made an appointment with New Wave Hearing. The results have been amazing. The hearing aids are top notch, as is the New Wave staff.”

Rick Brown

“I can actually understand speech in a crowded room.”

“I decided to visit New Wave Hearing Aids and have my hearing tested. I am so glad that I did. They are so comfortable I sometimes forget that I am even wearing them. My wife doesn’t have to repeat herself as often and background noise is now down to a minimum.”

David Davis

“Ken Wood has gone the extra mile.”

“After trying other hearing aid professionals and about to give up, a friend told my wife about New Wave Hearing Aids. My wife and I are so pleased. I can now hear my wife and my grandchildren, even in a crowd.”

L.B. Miller

“Thanks New Wave!”

“I have had a hearing loss for many years. While I don’t necessarily try and hide my hearing loss, I don’t proclaim it to the masses either. I have always been a bit concerned with the way traditional hearing aids looked until now. I have been wearing a new product called “Otolens.” It is 100% invisible and I now can hear the world again. I can’t believe how amazing these products are in such a tiny package. I would recommend them to anyone who has ever shied away from getting hearing aids because of the way they look. My family and friends notice I hear better, they just don’t know why.”

Jerry Mescher

“Everyone in the office was very polite and made me feel comfortable.”

“I noticed I was having difficulty understanding what some people were saying. I saw an insert that New Wave Hearing had put in the paper. I decided to make an appointment. The hearing aids that Ken fit me with have improved my quality of life and I hardly even notice I have them on; the sound quality is so good!”

Martin Lund

“I am very thankful for the ability to hear again!”

“My lifestyle requires me to be able to hear in many different situations. I need a little more attention than the average hearing aid user. Ken Wood at New Wave Hearing gave me all the service, attention and time I needed to find the right solution for my hearing loss. He was genuinely interested in learning who I am and what I do; therefore, he was able to meet my unique needs. I never felt like I was becoming too needy or a burden to anyone at New Wave Hearing.”

John Oji

“I would recommend New Wave Hearing to anyone that feels he or she may have a hearing loss Ken is great and the office staff is always friendly.”

“I visited three different hearing aid places before going to New Wave Hearing Aids. I have tried several different types and brands of hearing aids. Ken tested my hearing and we discussed my hearing loss and my lifestyle. He fit me with a pair of aids that connect to my cell phone. I can talk on my phone hands free while riding my Harley!”

Ed Lansdon

“I have had a very good experience at New Wave Hearing.”

“My hearing has improved in many situations, and I highly recommend Ken Wood and New Wave Hearing to anyone with a hearing problem.”

Gary Miller

“If you have any doubts about your hearing, call New Wave today, now!”

“I told my Doctor I was having difficulty hearing, especially in large crowds. She referred me to New Wave. We made the appointment, I had a hearing test, was fitted with temporary Oticon hearing aids, and walked out the door an hour later. When we got home I heard myself walk down a hallway. Only then did I get it: my hearing had been really bad, and the hearing aids were working their magic!”

Bob Bush

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