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Step 1. You have already made the first step in improving your hearing by looking to us for information on hearing loss. Recognizing that you may be having difficulty is where we begin.

Step 2. Make an appointment with New Wave Hearing for a hearing evaluation.


During this visit to New Wave Hearing, here is what you can expect:

• Our front office staff will collect your completed Patient Case  History

• If you have had a recent hearing evaluation at another facility, please be sure to bring a copy of the test results with you to your appointment

• If you would like us to call your medical insurance carrier to determine your coverage for hearing devices, please bring your insurance cards with you to this appointment

• Discuss your Patient Case History, medical and hearing history, areas of difficulty and any other pertinent information

• Complete a hearing evaluation

• Consultation regarding the results of the evaluation

• Recommendation of devices for your personal hearing needs


Step 3. Try Before you Buy. Now that you have had a hearing evaluation and recommendation on which devices best suit your needs, it’s time to take them out for a test drive, free of cost, prior to deciding whether to purchase.

The most critical factor in being successful with your hearing instruments is having a realistic understanding of their capabilities and limitations.


Realistic expectations for hearing instrument use:

Hearing instruments…

• Should allow you to hear many sounds that you may not be able to hear, or may not hear clearly, without amplification. Examples of such sounds include soft speech, children’s voices and other quiet sounds.

• Should allow you to hear speech more clearly and with less effort in a variety of listening situations.

• Should prevent normally loud sounds from becoming uncomfortably loud. Sounds that are uncomfortably loud for normal hearing individuals may also be uncomfortable when using hearing instruments.

• May allow you to understand speech more clearly in some types of noisy situations.

• Will require time to get used to them, and to attain your maximum performance potential as you gradually become accustomed to amplification.

• Will NOT restore your hearing capabilities to “normal” or to pre-existing levels.

• Will NOT “filter out” background noise, but may have a similar effect on speech information. Nonetheless, this will often produce improved sound quality and a more comfortable listening experience in many types of noisy environments.


From “Realistic Expectations: A Key to Success”

By Paul Stypulkowski, Ph.D., The Hearing Review, Vol. 1: Counseling


Step 4. When you purchase hearing devices from New Wave Hearing Aids, we are committed to your success and satisfaction. Our ongoing care assures that your hearing aids are checked and adjusted for your hearing needs now and throughout the lifetime of the instruments.

Our Complete Hearing Instrument Care Program provides a range of services at no cost to you:

• Quarterly hearing aid cleanings

• Yearly hearing screenings

• Hearing aid adjustments

• First year loss and damage insurance

• First year repair warranty

• Batteries provided for the life of your hearing aids


“I would and will recommend New Wave Hearing to anyone who may have a hearing problem. You are the best. Five star service!”  Perry Stottlemeyer





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